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FIREMAN – is an enterprise, located in its own building on Plot No – 701, Phase – V, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, whose main concern is to create Fire Consciousness and to educate people against Fire danger. The strategy lies in suggesting pre fire precautions to nip fire evil in the bud. This will ensure mitigation of Fire damage.

FIRE DAMAGE – Havoc caused by Fire is well known. It takes its toll by perishing valuable Assets, Materials, Equipments and precious Human lives.

ROOT CAUSE - Apparently Fire Devil emerges from Electrical short circuiting, lighted Cigarette and Match Stick ends. But latently it takes its birth through the negligence of people who are Fire Careless. Normally in the present setup, False Ceilings, Interior Decorations, Rubber Cushion Seats, Wall Linings, Decorative Synthetic Materials, Light Fittings, Furnishings, Plastic and number of other products forming part of modern buildings encourage quick propagation of Fire.

FIRE ALERTNESS – is the primary concern of those who own

• Public Assembly Buildings like Cinema Houses, Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, Offices in high rising towers, Shopping Complexes, Stores of inflammable materials, Petrol Pumps etc.

• In the industrial sector, owners of Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Plastic, Textile, Chemical, Paper, Transportation, Food Processing and a number of like industries need be vigilant towards Fire Danger.

REMEDY – lies in quick adoption of Fire Safety measures as envisaged in proverbial phase ‘A stich in time saves nine’.

FIRE CUSTODIAN – Fireman is ever ready for your safety against Fire Menace by equipping your premises with the following Fire Safety Measures.

(1) Electronic Fire Alarm System which involves the use of
(i) Automatic Fire Control Panels
(ii) Electronic Hooters
(iii) Fire Blinkers
(iv) Smoke Detectors
(v) Heat Detectors
(vi) Manual Call Boxes
(vii) Response Indicators
(viii) Emergency Lights
(ix) Exit Sign Boards with different signages
(2) Public Address System The above safety measures are simple, reliable, inexpensive and indispensable. Embrace them without loss of time and avoid being branded as Negligent. Ignorance and Omission are the seeds of repentance. Apart from the above fire safety measures, we also deal in
(1) Computerized Office Automation
(2) High tech Security Systems
(3) Mobile Rack System

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