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• Mains Supply:220 V AC , 50 Hz.
• Lamp:11 Watt CFL
• Backup Time:90 min.
• Battery:Sealed Maintenance Free
(SMF) Lead Acid
• Charger:IC Controlled
• Test Facility:Mini Switch (Push to On)
• Safety Feature:Low volt cut-off preventing battery over discharge, Fuse Protection with indicator LED, Three core Power Cord
• Diffuser:Acrylic Plate
• Legend:White, Green
(other legend optional)
• Mounting:Wall or Ceiling
• Weight:4.0 Kg (appx.) box type
• Powder Coating:Black colour
• Dimensions*:Box Type
(a)15”(L)x 7”(H)x 4.5”(W)
(b)18”(L)x10”(H)x 4.5”(W)
Slim Plate Type
16”(L)x10.5”(H)x 3.7”(W)
* Custom dimensions are also dealt with.

“ There was smoke, darkness and complete chaos. We had no clue about means of exit. It was terrible!,” complained one survivor of Uphaar Cinema hall fire tragedy in 1997. The scale of tragedy and evacuation of people would have been greatly facilitated if only the exit signs had been visible. The problem of evacuation of people is still greater in multistoried buildings like hotels, shopping mall, and commercial towers etc. Now Fireman’s EXIT / FIRE EXIT Signs provide the solution. In case of fire, especially due to short circuiting, the first and foremost step in fire safety is to switch- off regular as well as backup power supply, but this would result in complete darkness in the building. So there should be an alternate and independent source of power to lit the means of exit doors and stairways (in case of f ire the use of lifts or elevators is strictly prohibited because power supply has to be cut-off and people can get stranded in lifts thereby endangering their lives). Also people should be able to search the EXIT and FIRE EXIT doors. Both these problems can be solved by using Fireman’s EXIT signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why we need EXIT Signs?

A. Simply because these are mandatory as well as prudent for owner of building. Every building has to have at least two routes of evacuation. In normal times, the use of lifts is preferred over stairs. But few people know that in addition to the normal exits, an alternate escape route, generally called FIRE EXIT is provided for emergency evacuation. This route is seldom used but becomes very handy in case of fire or any other emergency like earthquake, bomb-threat needing immediate evacuation. So there should be enough FIRE EXIT signs to guide people about such routes. This also reduces the load and rush on normal exit stairs, consequently, helping in preventing stampede and leading to early evacuation of building.

Q. What should be the color of EXIT Signs?

A. Initially, red color used to be the only color for EXIT because of Lord Rayleigh’s formula for scattering of light. According to it, scattering of light is inversely proportional to fourth power of wavelength of light. Red color having largest wavelength, therefore, scatters least. That is why in traffic signals too red light is used for stopping vehicles because it is most visible from a distance. But these days Green color is preferred over red because 1. Green EXIT signs are easier to read, especially through smoke and haze. 2. In actual fires red EXIT signs have sometimes been confused with the fire itself, and fire- fighters have lost valuable time trying to douse the signs. Green EXIT signs will never be confused with the actual fire in emergencies. 3. The human eye is more sensitive to green color than red color. 4. Green light creates a calming atmosphere compare to red which symbolizes danger and tension for the rest of the time. Moreover, as in traffic signals the green is already associated with the ideas of "safe" and "go"—this is a powerful association in most people’s minds.

Q. What should be the size of EXIT ?

A. Size of EXIT usually depends on the location. Generally, letter height should not be less than 4” for Internally Lit Signs and not less than 6”for Externally Lit Signs.

Q. Are EXIT signs mandatory ?

A. Yes. According to Delhi Fire Service, it is one of the twelve norms, which a building must satisfy in order to obtain No Objection Certificate.

Q. Can we use photo luminescent signs in place of battery backup lit signs?

A. No. Photo luminescent signs need constant external source of light to be visible in dark for longer periods. Also practically it has been observed that in case of smoke these signs can not be relied upon. However, if there are cost constraints, a mixture of battery backup lit signs and photo luminescent signs should be used.

Fire alarm control panel is the central control device that receives information from different input devices like smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual fire alarm stations, etc.

Electronic hooter is very simple, non-complex and highly reliable electronic device. It ensures high wailing sound to grab immediate user attention in case of urgency or emergency, where manual attention is required.

Smoke detector is a device that detects smoke (normally smoke is the sign of fire). Industrial, Commercial and mass residential devices issue a signal to a Fire Alarm System, but household detectors (known as smoke alarms) generally issue a local audible or visual alarm from the detector itself.

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